Commissioned Artwork of a Ford Anglia

23rd March 2019

Continued, you can now see from the completed Artwork the importance of getting the overall balance right from the start, I will break down the montage into the stages that I proceeded with, the main feature is the Car, taking center stage, larger than all of the other pictures, that’s very important it is his pride and joy, then I went to the top left, the Steering Wheel and Interior, then top right the immaculate Engine I had to include everything, Bottom left Rear view of the very special edition 105E it included a housing unit for the Spare Wheel to sit, Bottom Right evokes all sorts of thoughts of those lazy Hazy days of summer picnicking in the open air, and finally my client wanted a special feature of the make and model,

the artwork was produced using Faber Castell Polychromos Artist Pencils and finishing touches with a Fineliner Pen

if you have any questions or want any advice please drop me a line,