Caterham continued,

7th January 2019

now its time to talk about the wheels, they are not just black shiny things that go around and around, I will give you a tip that I use when drawing tyres, rather than using coloured pencils which dont get me wrong still get the job done, I use graphite pencils because you can move the graphite around with your finger or with connon balls, cotton buds, I find it helps with the tonal values when the light hits the tyre, moving on from the tyres, is the wheels its worth spending some time checking where the light hits, it is as important to get the wheels and tyres right as it is the car,

one important thing to do when signing off on your wheels and tyres, stand back and have a look how round the rims on the wheels are or how round the tyres are on the road I have seen many a car artwork ruined where the artist has just bashed out a wheel and tyre all crooked and distorted thinking its alright, a good thing to try is this, when you draw a wheel or tyre both or either, imaging you are driving that vehicle how smooth would that ride be, you would loose all the fillings out of your head, so pay attention dont be lazy,

sorry went on a bit there, apart from the wheels I have sharpened all the details in the grill area completed the shadows under the vehicle and finished the tiled floor, I really hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial as much as I have commissioned this artwork, please let me know if this has been helpful, happy sketching,