Capturing the moment 7

13th September 2018

finishing touches, I am happy with the overall layout, the tonal balance of the montage, I would like to say it is finished at this stage, but it never is, there is always something to tinker with, at this stage I am at almost 4 weeks, a month to capture a moment in time,

materials used mainly Faber Castell Polychromos pencils Fineliner Pen and some Graphite Pencils (a tip when producing artworks that have wheels, to give the feeling of motion in your artwork use graphite pencils they blend and smudge better than coloured pencil,)

I am new to blogging this is my first attempt, I do not know if this is a blog or a tutorial, you will have to let me know, that way I can get better, this is typical of the way I plan, prepare and finish most of my commissions, or additions to the portfolio,

thank you for checking me out, I always welcome constructive criticism