Borussia Dortmund Arena Stadium part 6

23rd March 2019

at this stage I am adding finishing touches, one thing that I have not mentioned is the detail that I add in side the Stadium although there is not much pitch to look at there is Stadium seating, believe it or not I actually calculate and add each seat showing, on balance I am happy everything has settled down nicely, the Stadium nestles down happily within its environment, when you look at the Illustration the 4 edges are uneven, let me explain I always draw more of the picture than I need, when I am happy the Illustration is finished I then let the printers know where the artwork is located within the 4 edges then it is cropped for printing,

this artwork was done using Faber Castell Polychromos Artist Pencils, thanks for staying with me I hope that you enjoyed seeing the process that goes into Stadium Illustration,